Next year, the one-day motorway sticker will be introduced in Hungary


Construction and Transport Minister János Lázár pointed out at his annual committee hearing on Monday that the 24-hour motorway sticker will be introduced from March 1, which will cost HUF 5,150 (EUR 13.69), reports

In the D1 (passenger car) category, the 10-day sticker will be HUF 6,400 (EUR 16.84), the monthly sticker will be HUF 10,360 (EUR 27.55), and the annual sticker will be HUF 57,260 (EUR 152.25). The county sticker in category D1 will cost HUF 6,600 (EUR 17.55).

Due to an EU regulation, the member states must provide daily highway stickers for cars and trucks from March 25, 2024.

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