This year, the monthly rent of brick apartments increased by 10 percent in Budapest and by 38 percent in the countryside


This year, in the first five and a half months of the year in the capital, the average monthly rent of brick apartments increased by 10 percent, and in the largest rural cities by 38 percent, compared to the 2022 data, Otthon Centrum (OC) told MTI on Monday.

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The announcement quoted Gábor Soóki-Tóth, head of analysis at OC, who said that the average monthly rent for brick apartments in the capital increased to HUF 227,000 this year, which is 10 percent higher than last year’s average. In the largest rural cities this year, in the first five and a half months of the year, it was possible to get a rental apartment for an average of HUF 174,000, but this price level is 38 percent higher than last year.

They also pointed out that based on this year’s rentals of brick apartments in the capital, District VI is the most expensive with an average monthly fee of HUF 317,000, followed by District II. with HUF 305,000, District I. with HUF 300,000 and District V. with HUF 283,000. In the other districts of Buda and downtown, it was around HUF 200,000, while in the outer districts of Pest, the average monthly rent was HUF 170,000.

In the capital, one-room brick apartments were asked for an average of HUF 145,000, while for two-room apartments, HUF 214,000 and for three-room apartments, HUF 293,000.

It was reported that Győr and Székesfehérvár “lagged behind” the other cities among the towns with county rights in the countryside, as the average monthly rent was close to HUF 200,000. On the other hand, the owners in Szeged, Kecskemét and Debrecen still asked for HUF 140,000 for one month.

According to the announcement, panel apartments can be rented cheaper both in Budapest and in rural towns, and the larger the apartment, the more favorable the price compared to brick apartments. The average rent for panel apartments in the city center and Buda is HUF 175,000, in the outer Pest districts HUF 145,000, and in the county seats HUF 113,000.

At the same time, it was indicated at the panels that in the case of studios, factory-built apartments are barely cheaper than brick-built studios, but two- and especially three-room apartments are already on the market with more favorable rents.

Otthon Centrum, founded in 2000, is Hungary’s leading real estate brokerage network with nearly 190 offices and full national coverage. Otthon Centrum is part of Biggeorge Holding, whose members are active in the fields of real estate development, real estate fund management and real estate financing, among others. Last year, OC acquired majority ownership in the Open House Group of Companies dealing with real estate and credit brokerage.

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