Compulsory promotions and price reductions on food have started


From June 1, the mandatory sales in commercial stores began to reduce the increased food prices due to the war and sanctions. This is another government measure to protect Hungarian families and pensioners. In grocery stores, customers can expect price reductions in 20 product categories, Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy confirmed in his announcement on Thursday.

In relation to the price cut, he highlighted: the government’s goal is to reduce sanctioned inflation to single digits by the end of the year. The already introduced measures are working, so inflation peaked and began to decline. Mandatory campaigns and the online price monitoring system starting in July will significantly contribute to the reduction of inflation in the rest of the year by reducing prices and increasing competition, he emphasized.

However, the most important thing from the point of view of the customers is that every week they have at their disposal a special price grocery basket of 20 products in the respective stores, which they can buy much cheaper compared to the previous month.

The regulation now coming into effect applies to traders with a turnover of more than one billion forints, who must advertise a mandatory promotion every week in the evenings of 20 product categories. Such product categories include, for example, poultry meat, milk, sour cream and their substitutes, such as cheese, bread, pastries, dry pasta, rice and other cereals, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

In the affected stores, they must sell one freely chosen product from each designated product category at a price that is at least 10 percent more favorable than the lowest price applied in the 30 days prior to the mandatory promotion.

The traders concerned have made the necessary preparations in the past period and were prepared to wait for the launch. The government encourages everyone to take advantage of the discounts available through the measure.

Traders are obliged to inform customers about discounted products, and the consumer protection authority will monitor the implementation – concluded Márton Nagy in his announcement.



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