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More than a thousand people will be dismissed by Magyar Posta

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Magyar Posta will lay off 1,200 employees, the company announced a decision on group redundancies.

Partial agreement on wage negotiations at Magyar Posta

It has been written that the reduction of staff does not affect the standard of service, and the company’s goal remains to provide high-quality services to its retail and business partners all over the country. They added that the new post office partnership program, previously announced by Magyar Posta, could provide an opportunity for the employees concerned to continue to employ the contracted partners, but that the company cooperates with the government’s employment policy organizations to help as quickly as possible.

It has been explained that the company’s new management, appointed last November last year, is to increase the efficiency of the organization, to develop business and service standards that meet the requirements of modern and 21st centuries.

“However, the sanctioning energy crisis, which is affecting and protracted by Europe, creates an increasingly difficult economic environment, which, like large and foreign companies, has an increasing impact on the activities of Magyar Posta,”

– said the Magyar Posta management.

They emphasized that the company’s management, as the largest postal and financial service provider in the country and the luggage logistics company, made another forced decision in order to preserve the stability of its operation in the economic situation of current sanctions.



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