Government Extends Food Price Cap Until April 2023


Due to the “sanctioned inflation” caused by “the protracted war and the failed measures in Brussels”, the government has extended the food price freeze until the end of next April, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced late on Tuesday.

The ministry quoted Minister István Nagy in his announcement, who said that the government extended the food price freeze until the end of next April due to the inflation caused by the sanctions caused by the protracted “war in Ukraine” and the “misguided Brussels measures”. The head of the ministry emphasized that due to the “misguided Brussels sanctions”, energy prices and thus food prices have risen to historic highs throughout Europe, and the oil sanctions that came into effect only worsened the situation even further. The government remains committed to supporting families, which is why it maintains the food price freeze, the announcement states.

By the way, the reality regarding the “Brussels sanctions” is that the government already blamed the EU for all the troubles, when the sanctions had not even entered into force. By the way, Viktor Orbán also voted for these, and it is not the Belgian capital that is being mean to Hungary. And the prices started to rise long before the war and especially the sanctions were mentioned.

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