Less Melon Expected to Grow This Year


It is expected that fewer melons will be produced this year, but producers can satisfy domestic consumption, the Association of Hungarian Melon Producers told MTI.

Planting is not over yet, but it is estimated that the crop area may have shrunk by 20 to 30 percent. Traders are therefore advised to start negotiations in time for a smooth supply of goods. No more accurate estimate of prices has been provided, but it is already known that a significant increase in production costs could justify a price increase of more than 30 percent. The association is confident that melon will remain an affordable product nonetheless, but farmers, as they wrote, need to get a price worth continuing to work on. If this is not the case, they believe they will have to prepare for another setback in the coming years. There is not much left until the melon season, you can start picking melons as early as next week if the weather is good. The first shipments are expected to reach the stores in the second week of June, he added.


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