BMW Factory: A New Era of Electromobility Begins in Debrecen


More than ten buildings will be built on BMW’s 400-acre area site in the Northwest Economic Zone of Debrecen. In early 2022, construction will begin.


Jochen Lorenzen, Vice President of Plant Development of BMW’s plant in Debrecen, and Andreas Pfleger, the Project Director of BMW’s plant in Debrecen, confirmed at the recent press event that they were only thinking of locating their new factory in Central and Eastern European countries.


Lorenzen said that he was impressed by the city management of Debrecen and EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center.


The managers confirmed that more than ten buildings would be built on the 400-acre area of the BMW’s plant in the Northwest Economic Zone of Debrecen. Firstly, the Communication and Training Center will be built, followed by the Press, Body, and Paint Shop. These buildings will be used to manufacture components, assemble and then paint the cars here. The area has been designed to expand even significantly in the future.


A new production platform designed exclusively for electric cars will be used for the very first time in Debrecen. The production facility will create a new generation of electric models. The first vehicles are scheduled to roll out of the factory in 2025 and thereafter, 150,000 BMW cars are expected to be produced every year.


Although COVID-19 has slowed development, the executives said the company didn’t think for a moment to stop the investment. The initially planned budget did not change either. BMW is building its Debrecen plant with an investment of EUR 1 billion.


Lorenzen said that the focus of the investment would shift from Munich to Debrecen in 2023. Until the end of the year, utility development projects will be implemented in the area. A significant part of the car parks has already been completed. In the future, more than 1,000 parking spaces will be created on the factory site.


The Debrecen plant is being built in such a way that it does not pollute the environment. Among other things, no chemicals are used to break down oil pollution. Energy-saving and sustainability are central to BMW. A number of smart solutions will be used in the buildings, and BMW is also opening up strongly to using renewable energy sources.


He stressed that no such cooperation was experienced anywhere. He added that the proximity of the airport, the road, and the rail network also confirmed their decision.


One of the company’s key slogans is Safety First. Its meaning not only applies to the cars they manufacture but also to the construction site. Everyone will have the proper protective equipment to use after a short safety training.


The company has already hired 21 employees in Debrecen, mainly in the HR and construction fields, but new positions will be announced soon. Corporate communication of office workers is in English; however, factory workers are not expected to speak English.


The managers confirmed that it is not easy to find qualified professionals in the automotive industry. Still, they trust the high-quality education of the University of Debrecen and the region.


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