Companies Paying HuF 11 BN Less in Taxes on Wednesday


Shops and other small business owners affected by the curfew and temporary closures will not have to pay tax for last month, while more than 30,000 companies are exempt from paying employment contributions, leaving 11 billion forints (EUR 30m) in their pockets, a finance ministry official said on Wednesday.


András Tállai, the ministry’s parliamentary state secretary for tax affairs, said tax forgiveness in March had helped to preserve 175,000 jobs and exempted 155,000 small businesses from paying itemized tax for small businesses (KATA).

Hairdressers, beauticians, shoemakers, upholsterers, florists, driving instructors and the like will not have to pay these taxes on Wednesday, when they would have been due. Also, the temporary lifting of employment tax did not only apply to businesses in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors, but also in sectors where stores were forced to close until 6 April, he noted, adding that more than 30,000 companies will not pay employment contributions for April.


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