Minister: Family Support Spending to Grow to HuF 2,600 BN in 2021


Government support for families will grow to 2,600 billion forints (EUR 7.1m) in 2021, two-and-a-half times the sum allocated to the sector in 2010, the minister without portfolio in charge of families said on Sunday.

The government’s family protection scheme, which is being continued despite the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, has helped over 220,000 families so far, she told MTI in a statement. Some 130,000 couples have applied for prenatal baby support, and the government has so far allocated 47 billion forints for car purchases of large families, she said. Over 18,000 families have applied for home purchase subsidies, at a total value of 155 billion forints, she said.

In an interview published in the Thursday issue of the daily Magyar Hírlap Katalin Novák welcomed Hungary’s “commitment to families”. She said that first time home buyers would be provided further assistance from January on, adding that goal was not only to encourage couples to have children but to improve conditions for families as the children grow up. Novák also mentioned that pensioners would be receiving an extra week’s pension in January, as the first instalment of 13th month pension to be restored gradually by 2024. Concerning her Fidesz party, Novák referred to the ruling party as “a truly conservative, Christian democratic community bent on promoting truth rather than fighting for power itself.”


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