Debrecen Receives Indemnity From The State


The local government of Debrecen is the only one that receives indemnity from the state, for the requisition of the hospital.


Debrecen can count on 880 million HUFs, since the city has bought a share of property, for the same amount of money from the economic company that runs the hospital. Debrecen has purchased 22 % of the block of shares of Local Government Medical Holding.

Lajos Kósa, mayor, has made a modifying proposal to the law that is about the nationalization of hospitals; now that step gives the city 880 million Forints. The essence of the passage on indemnity is the following: if the former owner local government gained shares in the medical economic company in the past five years ‘in return for equivalent’, the Hungarian government of state will repay the amount as a whole.

Other local governments that run hospitals in economic forms gain nothing, because they were founders of the companies, not purchasers.



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