Trying to save the meat-processing plant


To rescue the unprofitable meat factory of Debrecen is not primarily an economical issue but rather political and social.

Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen has the intention to restart the meat company at the end of August. He is fighting for the slaughter-house that means working places for 400 Debrecen citizens. Inj addition to this, if Debrecen won’t have a meat-processing plant, all the breeders in the county would have to look for receivers in greater distance – and the haulage of pigs would be so high that it would be worthy for no one to deal with pig breeding.
According to the plans, the Hungarian Development Bank would purchase the meat processing company, then rent it to the suppliers to operate for a 3-years’ term.
The problem is that the main performer of the plan, i.e. the Hungarian Development Bank is still hesitating. Lajos Kósa will try to convince the management of the bank personally when he returns from holiday.
(Source: Figyelő)

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