Night of Museums in Debrecen on June 24


Debrecen’s exhibition venues are also preparing for the Night of the Museums together this year, coordinating their programs. The representatives of the institutions reported on their program in MODEM.

Deputy Mayor István Puskás said that the Night of Museums is always about exhibitions and more exciting programs, but MODEM is no longer the institution that participated in the event this year. Together with Katalin Vizi, the managing director of MODEM, the deputy mayor announced that the institution has entered the network of museum institutions and that its collection is now a public collection.

The Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen has become a museum institution

Lajos Lakner, the deputy scientific director of the Déri Museum, said that the most important attraction for them is the opening of the new permanent exhibition on the shortest night of the year. As he said, the exhibition titled The World of the Cívis seeks the answer to who the Cívis are, what mentality characterized them, how they lived their lives for many centuries. Speaking about the programs, he mentioned that both young and old are welcome at Déri Square, but they are also preparing an invisible exhibition, the special feature of which is that blind exhibition guides will guide the guests, and those interested can try fire jumping in the courtyard of the Medgyessy Museum and at the House of Literature.

István Oláh, pastor of the Reformed Parish of Debrecen – Nagytemplomi Egyházközég, highlighted that on June 24 visitors will be treated to unusual guided tours, and visitors to the church will also be able to see a selection of the best astrophotographs of 2022 under the title Star Images. In connection with this, he drew attention to the fact that the Vega Astronomical Association is preparing a telescope demonstration on the panoramic promenade, and inside the walls of the building, in the evening, with the help of the church’s cantor, all 4,258 whistles will be played on one of the best organs in Hungary, and the audience can participate in an organ concert of film music combined with a light projection.

Dávid Csorba, the specialist director of the Museum of the Debrecen Reformed College, revealed that during the evening, in addition to the hustle and bustle of the fair, they would like to present the history of Debrecen in several slices. Among the programs will be a gerund rehearsal, which preserves the symbolic tradition of the college, but the theater of Matyi Lúdas will also come alive.

Gábor Kleiser, the program organizer of the Debrecen Zsidó Hitközség, emphasized that this year they are waiting for those interested under Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 26, where programs are being prepared from the basement to the attic. Among other things, old Jewish melodies are played, but you can also get a glimpse into the life of the rabbi. Important: for religious reasons, visitors are welcome from 10 p.m.

Katalin Vizi, the managing director of MODEM, stated that they try to affect all five of our senses. Food, drink, movement, music, performances and lots of spiritual content are expected. Two exhibitions, the artistic re-enactment and the exhibition of Károly Keserű’s oeuvre, await visitors to the institution during the evening. In addition, they talk to filmmakers and actors about reenactments and starting over, but they also await the audience with a screening of turn-of-the-century black-and-white films accompanied by contemporary musical narration.

The Night of Museums program series will again be accessible with a joint wristband this year, which can be purchased in advance from May 26.

Date of the event: June 24, 2023 (16.00 – 24.00)

Participating institutions:

– Debrecen – Great Church Reformed Parish
– Debrecen Reformed College
– Jewish Community of Debrecen
– Déri Museum
– MH István Bocskai 11th Armored Hajdú Brigade

Ticket sales:
1./ Early bird period: May 26 – June 11.
Ticket prices: ages 6-14: HUF 700
(adult) from the age of 15: HUF 2,000
2./ From June 12: 6-14 years old: HUF 1,000
(adult) from the age of 15: HUF 2,500

The wristband entitling to entry, which entitles you to view all participating exhibitions, can be purchased online or on-site.

Outdoor locations:
The Bocskai Brigade is preparing a special exhibition, the location of which is the Sesztina Gallery. Traditionally, the Garrison Band also plays before it.
The Déri Museum prepares outdoor programs in the week before the Night of the Museums, the location of which is Déri Square.

(Debrecen City Hall)

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