The Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen has become a museum institution


The Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen has been granted museum collection status, announced István Puskás (Fidesz-KDNP), Debrecen’s deputy mayor for culture, and Katalin Vizi, the center’s director, on Tuesday at the press conference announcing the local events of this year’s Night of Museums.

According to the announcement sent to MTI about the event, Modem is now a museum institution, and its collection – which until now was the property of the operator Modem Kft. – is a public collection.

Since its founding, Modem Modern Debreceni Mövéztei Közhaznú Kft. has been striving to become a significant and recognized center of contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of Modem is to represent the current trends, progressive aspirations, and most significant domestic and international representatives of contemporary art and visual culture – they wrote.

According to their press release, the status of a museum collection of public interest brings serious advantages: its operation is significantly facilitated by the fact that, as a museum institution, it is no longer necessary to request the minister’s consent in the event that it wishes to borrow cultural assets from another Hungarian museum institution for its exhibition.

You will be exempted from the payment of the rental fee incurred during the loan of works of art, as well as from the payment of communication fees, and the scope of your application options will also be expanded. It is also an advantage in terms of professional reputation and communication if the institution has museum status. By establishing its research site, and making its database and collection accessible and searchable, it can be integrated into the institutionalized scene of contemporary art loaning and research both nationally and internationally – it was announced at the time of the announcement.

They added: the museum collection status provides an authentic framework for building Modem’s domestic and international prestige, and brings the art center currently operating as a gallery into the museum institutional network.

The head of Modem also reported that last year a modern collection warehouse was created in the building, and research of the collection was made possible.

It was announced at the press conference: Debrecen’s exhibition venues are also preparing for the Night of the Museums together this year, coordinating their programs.

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