A waste art exhibition opened in Debrecen


A showcase exhibition of works made from used movie posters was opened on March 9 in the Bényi Gallery under the title TrashKós Frescoes. The artists used unused advertising materials for the works, which had accumulated in recent years and had become redundant.

Using the tools of trash art, the exhibition shows that trash is not necessarily unnecessary, as artists can also consider it as a raw material along the lines of a creative concept. The works can be seen in the Bényi Gallery’s street-front window until April 5.

According to the statement issued on the occasion of the opening, the genre of trash art or junk art was created by the modernist view of the early 20th century in the USA, which initially scrutinized consumer society and related concepts. Trash art uses banal, everyday materials that often end up in the trash, which is why the trend nowadays has merged with drawing attention to environmental problems and social responsibility. Artists such as Duchamp, Picasso, Vik Muniz or, to mention contemporary Hungarian artists, Ede Sinkovics, Gábor Baráth, and Attila Dóczi can be classified alongside this trend.

The exhibition entitled TrashKós frescoes also uses the tools of trash art, i.e. waste art, to show that trash is not necessarily a superfluous thing, since according to a creative concept, artists can also consider it as raw material, which can be recreated to gain aesthetic and content meaning in the resulting work.

At the initiative of the Bényi Gallery and the Főnix Event Organizer, the artists used the no longer used advertising materials that had accumulated and become redundant in recent years. As an eco-school, the Károly Károly Arts Vocational High School, Technikum, and Collegium consider value-creating recycling and the pursuit of sustainability to be important in art as well.

The TrashKós frescoes will remain in the window of the Bényi Gallery until April 5

Accepting the concept of the exhibition, under the artistic guidance of the school’s teachers, the creative students gave new goals to the posters, molinos, building nets and publications of the various events. Carefully coordinated teamwork between teachers and students, planning, experimentation and execution characterized the weeks of preparation for the installation. With the power of creativity and imagination, the showcase exhibition titled TrashKós frescoes proves that recycling and sustainability are essential for the arts and for today’s people.

In the street-front window of the Bényi Galéria, recreated pieces referring to the Debrecen Flower Carnival, the Gourmet Festival, the Wine and Jazz Days and the Apolló Cinema. The majors offered by the art school will be introduced at the exhibition: motion picture and animation design, fashion style and costume design, graphic design and goldsmithing will also be introduced.



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