An exhibition of the paintings of the nearly forgotten famous painter Alice Endresz opens in Debrecen-Józsa


Alice Endresz’s pictures will be on display until February 11 at the DEMKI Józsa Community Hall.

The artist, who lived between 1899-1947, was taught by the famous painter János Vaszary, and went on study trips to Italy, France and Dalmatia, among others. Exaggeration and distortion can be seen in her works; she wanted to express inner qualities with the tool of the grotesque. She mainly depicted human characters and crafts – it is clear from Anna Kopácsy’s book Új Nyolcak.

Alice Endresz’s work was almost forgotten, but her legacy was miraculously found by art collector Dr. András Kiss – who will also speak at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “…and still there are miracles” on January 25 at 5:00 p.m. The event will be colored by the playing of cellist Áron Pető.

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