Hungarian Culture Day – Colorful programs in Hajdú-Bihar county


Colorful programs commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the National Anthem and welcome the Day of Hungarian Culture in many settlements of Hajdú-Bihar and the county seat, the vice president of the Hajdú-Bihar General Assembly announced at a press conference at the county hall on Monday.

László Bulcsu (Fidesz-KDNP) announced that the Kölcsey-ház in Álmosd, where the poet spent his childhood until the age of six and began his studies at the Reformed College in Debrecen, will be the prominent location of the county programs on January 22.

He added that the special feature of the one-week program series related to the day of culture is the short film called Himnusz 200, which will be shown in the settlements organizing the commemorations, the film will also be posted on the county’s website and Facebook page. To make the film, the National Széchényi Library handed over the digital version of the original manuscript of the National Anthem to Hajdú county, said the vice-president.

He assessed the special feature of the week’s events is that in some settlements, artists connected to them are also summoned. Thus, in addition to the celebration of the bicentenary of the National Anthem and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sándor Petőfi, there will be an evening of Bihari poets in Bakonszeg and Derecské, where the poetry of István Sinka, Zoltán Nadányi and János Arany will be at the center, and in Biharnagybajom the work of the storyteller Sándor Szűcs, who has local connections, will be recalled.

The county holiday programs will start on January 18 in Nádudvar and end in Derecské on January 27 – said László Bulcsu.

In Debrecen, the 200th anniversary of the birth of the National Anthem and the Day of Hungarian Culture will be celebrated in Debrecen with exhibitions, book presentations, performances, wreath-laying, a musical literary journey, and a commemorative meeting – the town hall informed MTI in a statement.

According to their information, at the memorial meeting to be held on January 21 in the Reformed College’s hall, Péter Hoppál, the state secretary responsible for culture, will give a speech, before that, awards for Debrecen’s Culture will be presented in the Déri Museum, and on January 22, a celebratory service will be held in the Reformed Great Church, and then the statue of Ferenc Kölcsey in Debrecen will be laid with a wreath.



Main picture: Ferenc Kölcsey is the author of the Himnusz (National Anthem)

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