Executioners, demons and ninjas appear on Déri Day in Debrecen

Various performances, martial arts demonstrations, guided tours, and playful and interactive guided tours for adults are available in the unique LEG exhibition. This awaits visitors in the Déri Museum on Saturday.

Déri Day, which begins at 10 a.m., is timed to mark the museum’s 92nd anniversary.
On this day will be held a unique PLAYING and interactive exhibition tour for adults.
Using a multimedia tool and collaborating in a team, they can explore the objects of the unique LEG temporary exhibition together.
Interesting puzzles and exciting questions await the participants, the answers to which are hidden among the objects of the exhibition.
Teams of 4-6 people are expected to apply for the event at the following times:
10:00, 11:00, 12:00
They can bet on a group in each time slot in the game.
Regardless of the game, the exhibition can be viewed by other visitors without interruption.
The duration of the game is approx. 40 minutes.
To participate, the ticket redeemed for the temporary exhibition and the pre-registration at sandor.zita@derimuzeum.hu are required.
From 14:00, the museologist Dr. Ádám Novák will talk about the unique rarity of vascular collections from Frigyes Déri’s numismatic collection.
From 14:30 Upside down while you’re there! Chief museologist József Dénes Kovács talks about the family relics of a snowdrift dynasty.
Ninja Martial Arts Demonstration Begins at Bujinkan Hosi Dojo at 3 p.m.

From 16:00, Japanese weapons, armor, demons, and legends will come to the fore during the interactive guided tour of Gábor Vohradnyik and Norbert Szabó.



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