James Michael Tyler Dies at 59


James Michael Tyler – Günther of the TV series Friends – has died at the age of 59. In 2018, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


The actor died on Sunday in his home in Los Angeles, his manager said. Tyler was 59 years old and recently, after reuniting the characters of the series after a long time, said he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer during a routine examination back in 2018, which had already spread to his bones by the time he said this he could not walk – writes hvg. James Michael Tyler starred in 150 episodes of the world-famous series Friends. He was the seventh good friend, the strange waiter at Central Perk, who secretly falls in love with Rachel.

Jennifer Aniston said goodbye to the actor on her Instagram page: “Friends would not have been real without you. Thank you so much for the laughter in the series and in life. I’ll miss you a lot.”


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