A film about the everyday life of shepherds in Hortobágy can be seen in cinemas from Thursday


The everyday life of the shepherds of Hortobágy, feared by tourists, is presented in the documentary of Róbert V. Bodnár entitled Hajszra és cselőre, which will be screened in cinemas all over the country from Thursday.

A spectacular documentary made with feature film methods and tools gives a glimpse into the everyday life of two foals and two goulash, the title of which is given by the two words with which the sheer goulash still controls the four-wheeled cart.

The stories in the film flash a picture of the short-sighted, cunning shepherds, the difficulties of being in the wilderness and the often popping humor that weaves through their lives, director Róbert Bodnár V. told MTI before the Budapest premiere on Tuesday.

As he pointed out, their aim was to present the side of the lives of the people of Hortobágy that the viewers could not know. “We tried to exclude these heavily driven, almost bored, archetypal, wasteland-related commonplaces, and to give a picture of the Hortobágy National Park that is unknown to modern, urban people. It is as if we can see through the keyhole the carefully closed daily lives of the steppe shepherds, ”he stressed.

About the birth of the idea for the film, he said that they were looking for a special subculture with cameraman Tamás Simon and producer Péter Seres, which has not yet been largely processed and may be of interest to viewers as well. “I have long been interested in the steppe world, about which I have read many stories and short stories, among other things Zsigmond Móricz also wrote a lot about it,” he explained.

He recalled that it involved a great deal of work to get into the trust of pastoralists and to get them to tell their stories from the past, about “outlaws” childish in the wilderness. It’s a very closed world, they didn’t talk to them at first, they had to go step by step. After several field trips and meetings, only the process started, after which it was possible to see that the film could be made, said the director, who also immersed himself in the tradition of shepherding during his research work.

He added that today’s foals and goulash follow the same pastoral traditions and seem to live in a time capsule. In the midst of infinite nothing, hardly anything changed. Although the people who live there are familiar with the advances of modern technology, they live among the animals in the same way as their great-grandfathers or great-grandfathers did one hundred and fifty years ago. “This milieu revolves around their whole lives and that’s how they raise their offspring as well,” the director pointed out.

He emphasized that the families of the shepherds in the film have lived in Hortobágy for several generations, enjoying the respect of the locals, who recognize their work.

The Chase and Actress, whose visual world is made with the latest technology, is the result of three years of work. In addition to Péter Seres, he was produced by Judit Romwalter and Attila Dudás, and produced by Stardust Films. The music of the film was composed by Róbert Hrutka, the main song is sung by Kátya Tompos.

Following the film’s premiere in Budapest on Tuesday, a premiere will be held in Debrecen on Thursday.



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