The World’s Largest “Munkácsy Painting” Hs Been Displayed in Békéscsaba


A 600-square-meter molino was placed on the building of the Marzek Kner printing house in Békéscsaba, depicting Mihály Munkácsy resting in his Paris salon and a sketch of one of his famous paintings. The aim of the city is to connect the names of Munkácsy and Békéscsaba.


The molino was placed to indicate that Békéscsaba is not only the capital of sausages, but also the city of Munkácsy, wrote Mayor Péter Szarvas on his Facebook page. He recalled that the famous Hungarian painter spent his childhood here and made his first oil painting in Békéscsaba. Even while living in Paris, he regularly visited the city.

Békéscsaba has always paid great attention to nurturing Munkácsy’s heritage. Today, his name is preserved in the square, street, museum, bridge, and the Munkácsy district is also being built in the county seat of Békés, the mayor added.

During the Munkácsy District project in Békéscsaba, the building and its surroundings of the Munkácsy Memorial House will be renewed, the puppet theater will move to a renovated building, and the Mihály Munkácsy Museum’s permanent exhibition will also be renewed.




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