State Secretary Calls on Slovenians, Hungarians to Jointly Foster Culture, Mother Tongue

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Slovenians and Hungarians should jointly foster their culture and mother tongue and rely on one another, Miklós Soltész, the state secretary for church and ethnic relations of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Lendava (Lendva).


Christianity, their common faith, lends a great deal of strength to this endeavour, the state secretary said after meeting Catholic Bishop Peter Stumpf, Lutheran Bishop Leon Novak, and the Reformed pastor and pastoress of Murska Subota (Muraszombat). “There’s a particularly pressing need for inter-denominational cooperation to face challenges stemming partly from migration, such as the Muslim push, and partly from the anti-Christian thoughts cherished by some western European ideologies,” Soltész told MTI by phone. The state secretary visited Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church in Lendava, whose tower was damaged by two Croatian earthquakes last year and is being renovated in part from Hungarian funds.

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