Drama and dance camp in Szilágycseh


The Debrecen Folk Society organized a drama, dance and music camp in Szilágycseh between 7th and 13th July. The participants had the opportunity to learn folk dances, folk songs and to take part of different folk music and drama programmes. Between the programmes there were exciting craftsman playhouses, and barn dance with the live music of a band from Szilágynagyfalu made the evenings unforgettable.

Folk dance instructors:

Dances of the region of Kraszna and Berettyó: Velner Klára and Sikentáncz Szilveszter (Budapest)

Dances from Tövishát: Hercz Beáta and Hercz Vilmos (Debrecen)

Gipsy dances from Szászcsávás: Lőrincz Hortenzia and her partner (Budapest)

Folk song instructor: Bárdosi Ildikó (Debrecen)

Folk music instructor: Molnár Miklós (Debrecen)

Acting instructor: Besenyei István

(Source: www.debrecenimuvkozpont.hu)


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