Programmes, exhibitions for the hot days of July


After spending the whole day either in one of the cool swimming pools of the city’s beach or in an airless office in the city centre, it might be relaxing to visit an exhibition or a festival in the evening.To start with various styles and artists, for the sake of art-lovers, there will be an apparently exciting exhibition in the Sesztina Gallery (Debrecen, Sesztina udvar) on Friday at 18:00. The title of the event is “Closed Spaces Are Open” and the visitors can meet several works of different painters (Endre Bálint, Márton Barabás, Péter Bereznay, Bada Dada, Ildikó Nagy, Róbert Swierkiewicz and Sándor Zoltán). The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Péter Antal, head of the Sesztina Art and Cultural Foundation with the co-operation of Luca Márkus, Márton Pazár and Marcel Pető.

In the Benedek Elek Library (Debrecen, 68.Str. Piac) István Vencsellei is going to have his photo exhibition from 9th July to 3rd August. The opening will be held on next Monday at 5:00 p.m. by József Bényei (writer, journalist). The title of the exhibition is László Holló, painter.

For those who are keen on sweets and cookies: Debrecen Gingerbread Festival will be organized for the fifth time between 28th and 29th July, in the garden of the Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum. Apart from tasting wonderful gingerbreads, anyone can enter for the “Sweet Honey” receipt competition. You can send your favourite gingerbread receipts or photos to the e-mail address: Deadline of sending the pictures and the receipts is 16th July. The results will be announced on Sunday, 29th July, at 16:00 in the Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum.

An exciting trip will be organized to Vágáshuta and Sátoraljaújhely by the “For Our Cultural Values” society from Hajdúhadház. The journey starts on 22nd July. Programmes in Vágáshuta: visiting Slovakian provincial houses, forest trip. Programmes in Sátoraljaújhely: visiting the outstanding Hungarian Calvary Memorial on the top of Mount Szár. The Calvary is a memorial of one of the darkest events of the Hungarian history; Trianon.

Start: 7:00, Hajdúhadház, from the car park in front of Real shop.

Arrival: 8:00 p.m.

Charge: 2500 HUF

You can apply for the trip until 15th July either via e-mail ( or phone (06-30-228-1634).


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