”University Girl Looking for Supporter” – report book on university prostitution


Not coercion, but a reasonable step – this is the most common reason given by Hungarian university student girls for becoming prostitutes during university years. They pay their tuition fees, books and flats on that money. Girls can have a ”payment” of 2-300 thousand forints per month, depending on whether they stay in Hungary or leave to another country, eg. Switzerland. The report book Egyetemista lány támogatót keres (”University girl looking for supporter”) tells such information and the readers can have an insight of the lives of some girls. Motives, reasons, feelings, true stories, perspectives … all in one book.      

The authors are Anna Eszter Szabó, graduating student of the University of Theatre and Film Arts and  Szilvia Nagy, journalist Velvet magazine. After they had been asked to write a report book about prostitution spreading among university student girls, they started to read forums, blogs and advertising sites and also mobilized some personal contacts.  After half a year’s data collecting they published their book at the end of April.

Sex as a trend to follow

“Today there’s nothing special about 13-year-old youngsters having quickies in fitting rooms of clothes shops”, the authors say when trying to explain why the assessment of sex has changed so much that today becoming a prostitute is not a coercion but a rational step. One of the girls they interviewed told that her family had gone to bankrupt because of the world economic crisis and she had no other choice but start her career as a prostitute. She was trying to keep it in secret but when her family got to know about what she was doing, her mother didn’t despised her at all, she was rather supportive.

As Anna Eszter Szabó tells, the time spent in business can be totally different in certain girls’ cases. There are girls who want to stay in business only until founding a family or finding a normal, stable job, while others could quit any time they wanted to. Such girls usually feel ambivalent towards their ”profession”: like Anna Eszter Szabó tells, one of the girls wrote that this job requires strong stomach and crippled self-respect. This final conclusion drawn by her  sounded interesting because before that, she was writing pages about how much she has learnt about herself and men, how positively she has disappointed in her clients and how much more gorgeous she feels.

As the authors say, most of the girls introduced in the book don’t really need that much money they can earn by prostitution. They are just not satisfied with having enough money to buy food and clothes, they want more: travelling, enjoying life and living under luxurious circumstances. Of course, there are some examples also for the opposite, i.e. girls who finance their education on the money earned by selling their bodies because they can’t have any support from their families. One of the girls said, ”Why would I work in Tesco if I earned much less there?”.

According to the journalists, almost all girls they have asked argued that they don’t hurt anybody, why couldn’t they sell themselves. The only people who they haven’t though of, who CAN be hurt are they themselves.

It can be seen that the girls appearing in the book have always had ”abnormal” sexual habits, they started sexual life too early as a teenager and have always been easy to make up with, even after a short time of acquaintance. Like Anna says, from that time on, it just didn’t matter if they had got money for the act or not. This is not a question of intelligence and education: they are simply socialized this way.


Some tries it merely out of boredom


”Zsófi thought, ‘It’s a bit weird and sick situation’, as she was watching her friend get undressed, while her regular guest L. was staring her and Vera with glistening eyes.  (…)

After a few drinks, Zsófi felt there was nothing to be ashamed of and told about her job. Vera wasn’t shocked, what’s more, she was interested. Her first long-term relationship had just ended and she started to think about trying casual sex, but she was a bit afraid of it, what if it’s not good or something. Though she was so bored, even in school that she definitely wanted to try something new. Zsófi -partly under the influence of alcohol- snapped that L., her favourite regular ”fucks very well” and ”you surely wouldn’t regret it”. By the end of that night, the girls agreed that Zsófi would suggest the possibility of a threesome to L. and if she feels like it, Vera can join them. (…)   

Zsófi concentrated too much on making sure things go smoothly so she felt she didn’t have the chance for orgasm. But she could see well that L. was really enjoying the view and the feeling that he was being indulged by two girls at the same time. While he was in one of the girls, he was grabbing the other everywhere he could and of course, he couldn’t stop indulging them. One thing was sure: all three of them were working hard. (…)

 L. asked them to entertain each other while he was watching them and pleasuring himself. Hearing this, Zsófi gone completely wild as she realized that it’s the first time to make love with another woman and if they’re good enough, they would get a handsome tip from the man. L. was totally satisfied, leaving 50.000 forints on the table. After the girls had shared the money, Zsófi couldn’t refrain from asking her friend.
– So… how was it?
– Well… it wasn’t bad. It was rather indifferent.”




Nagy Szilvia, Szabó Anna Eszter: Egyetemista lány támogatót keres, XXI. Század Kiadó Kft., 2012




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