Francophone Festival in March


The Francophone Festival is organized for the 12th time this year. Besides Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs and Szeged will also be scenes for the series of programmes during March.The festival is intended to popularize the French language and the cultural diversity of Francophone community gathered around it.
The audience can become acquainted with the Francophone culture through a variety of genres: they can hear and see literature from the Caribbeans and Africa, slam and swing from France, chanson and ska from Belgium, alternative rock from Romania, concert movie from Senegal, works of movie illustrators from Switzerland, and exhibition from Madagascar.

20 March is the international international day of Francophonia. On this occassion, the French Institute of Budapest, together with the diplomatic missions of 10 other countries (Belgium, Egypt, Canada, Madagascar, Marocco, Moldavia, Romania, Switzerland, Tunesia and Vietnam), will organize the Francophone Festival for the 12th time.On the part of Hungary, the Ministry of State for Education of the Ministry of National Resources will support the event.
The highlighted event of this year’s festival is the tour of Eugene Ionesco’ s play The Chair with the help of the French Cultural Associations (Alliance Française) of the participating cities. After the performance in Budapest, the authors’s daughter, Marie-France Ionesco will hold a presentation on the work of the world-famous playwright.

The full programme, broken down by cities, can be seen at

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