7 Billion Human Brains, or So – Exhibition of László feLugossy


It is not possible to separate the creative oeuvre of László feLugossy, living in Sárospatak, into individual periods, we can rather group his works around re-emerging motifs.

He is the typical representative of Eastern European underground, within his artistic researches, that tears through the frames of the traditional genres, sound-verses, raw-meat-compositions, happenings, performances, ready-mades, objects and environments also indicate his diversity.  In his own style the direct object-cult of pop art often combines with the plain-spoken and sexual symbol-system of graffiti. feLugossy builds up a unique universe, rich in associations, from the mixture of typical near-earth rustic and philistine world, the deflated folklore and second class modernism. Besides fine arts he also deals with literature, film and music. He is founder of the band A.E.Bizottság and Lajos Vajda Studio of Szentendre.

Parts of the exhibition: “prologue”, “backyard”, “the way”, “experiment”, “happy end of the world”.

Numbered heads – Agony 6-7, 1999, mixed technique, paper
Szalóky Collection (photo: Miklós Sulyok)


“… I have put it this way, although that was not my original intention, since I had intended to put it differently, but somehow this is how it was all formulated inside me, as I just keep expressing my thoughts and emotions, and in the meantime I also feel that I am telling it the way it is uttered, even though it seems I would like to say it differently, the way it does not come out, but this all is exactly as if the bride in a wedding ceremony were only a dance, dancing on the vault of heaven, floating up there, while I am watching this captured performance nibbling on the ceremonial cake until I black out, since this conceptual elevation is so exhausting, which is only a short foreplay to my own elevation, reversing the absolute irreversibility of time that seems to fly away, outwitting every restricting category, I am simply shocked at what the hack I want to say now, as I was supposed to talk about completely different things,…”


Opening hours:
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, MODEM (21 January 2012- 29 April 2012)

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